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Every chance for every child: School consultation with children and young people

A Report on the 2012 Every Chance for Every Child School Consultation, prepared by Save the Children Australia for the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development (DECD).

Save the Children was engaged by the DECD in South Australia to capture children's voices about the Every Chance for Every Child Policy and Legislation Discussion Papers.  As part of the state-wide consultation, students from 18 schools - including nine schools involved in Save the Children's Global Peace School programme -  gave their views and ideas about how South Australia can become a better place for all children, young people and their families.   Save the Children facilitated the consultations with approximately 200 students from primary and secondary schools in metropolitan, regional, remote and special schools associated with the orgnisation's programmes in South Australia. The children were asked questions related to topics such as personal interests, participation and citizenship, safety and protection, and community resources.

Save the Children's  Global Peace School Programme partners with educators, schools, parents and communities to integrate child rights, peace building, global awareness, and social inclusion concepts across the curriculum, classroom and wider community.

Published 2013-11-11