Evaluation of Juvenile Justice Projects Supported by Save the Children Sweden

Juvenile justice has been one of the major intervention areas for Save the Children Sweden (SCS) in the Eastern and Central Africa Region and is part of a regional SCS initiative. The document presents the evaluation carried out to assess the achievements of the juvenile justice programs implemented by SCS and its partners in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. The emphasis of the evaluation is on the relevance and impacts of interventions, challenges faced in realizing set objectives, lessons learnt and good practices in order to formulate program approach and direction for the immediate future. The first part of the evaluation report provides a background on international standards on juvenile justice and the situation of the administration of juvenile justice in the countries of the region. It also describes the overall regional as well as national juvenile justice programs of Save the Children Sweden. Section One of the report discusses the objectives and scope of the evaluation and presents a summary and analysis of findings, lessons learnt, best practices and recommendations drawn from the case studies of individual countries. Section Two of the report presents case studies of the juvenile justice projects in the countries covered in the study.

Published 2012-05-21

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