Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding

The Global Partnership for Children and Youth in Peacebuilding, launched in 2012, seeks to improve child and youth peacebuilding (CYP) practices, and to impact and strengthen the evidence base supporting CYP and related best practices.

Initiated by the Global Partnership, the main publication is a multi-agency, multi-country and multi-donor evaluation of children and youth participation in peace building conducted in Nepal, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Colombia. The evaluation is broken down into its subsequent countries, with in-depth information for Colombia, Nepal, and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. An executive summary is also available.

The evaluation results revealed that child and youth peacebuilders have contributed to impact on peacebuilding in four key areas: 1) young peacebuilders often became more aware and active citizens for peace; 2) young peacebuilders increased peaceful cohabitation and reduced discrimination; 3) young peacebuilders reduced violence; and 4) young peacebuilders increased support to vulnerable groups.

Published 2016-12-21