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Evaluating Human Rights Training Activities. A Handbook for Human Rights Educators

Human rights education can contribute to its noble goals only if it is methodologically sound and fully relevant to the learners, so as to have a genuine empowering or sensitizing effect. Ensuring and measuring such impact on the learners and their communities requires the use of evaluation approaches through all stages of education and training development — from design to delivery and follow-up. This practical guide for human rights educators wishing to improve their work and to measure and document their effectiveness, aims to fuel the transformative power of human rights education: from conflict to peace; from human rights violations to redress; from abuse to dignity; and from discrimination to respect, equality and social justice.
This Handbook is primarily for human rights educators working with different adult learners in non-formal education contexts, including NGO and community-based organization staff, government officials, staff of national human rights institutions (NHRIs), staff of international organizations, teachers, community leaders and community members.

Published 2012-11-13