Ending legalised violence against children. Global Report 2013

Ending legalised violence against children, the Global Initiative's Global Progress Report for 2013, published jointly with Save the Children. It is the eighth report following up the UN study on violence against children, reporting on progress worldwide towards prohibiting corporal punishment in all settings. 

With 34 states now having achieved full prohibition, another 49 committed to doing so and immediate opportunities for law reform in states in all regions, there is exciting progress to celebrate. But there are also unacceptable delays in affording children this most fundamental human right. Still there are 24 states which do not fully prohibit corporal punishment in any setting, and in 39 states corporal punishment (caning, whipping, flogging) remains lawful as a sentence of the courts.

The report graphically illustrates both the progress and the delays in achieving prohibition. It also maps the efforts of child rights advocates in campaigning for reform at national and regional levels and the growing support for prohibition and elimination of corporal punishment among international health organisations, particularly in light of the accumulating evidence of the harm it causes, and among religious leaders across the world.



Published 2014-02-11

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