Endbericht Pilotprojekt Kinderfreundliche Räume im Empfangs- und Verfahrenszentrum (EVZ) Kreuzlingen

Between September 2016 and August 2017, Save the Children Switzerland together with the Swiss Migration Agency, ran the pilot project "Child-friendly Spaces" at the Reception and Processing Center (EVZ) in Kreuzlingen.

The pilot project is based on the recommendations of the UN Children's Rights Committee of 2015 to introduce nation-wide standards for reception conditions and the care of asylum-seeking children, as well as to adapt all reception and care centres to child-friendly standards. The project is especially important because about one in three asylum applications in Switzerland are children - totaling 9,000 children in 2016. More than half of these children are under the age of six.

The overarching goal of the pilot project "Child-friendly Spaces" was to develop a child-friendly care model that can be implemented after a twelve-month pilot phase, in order to improve the long-term care, support, and protection of sheltered and unaccompanied children in the Reception and Processing Centre (EVZ).

Published 2018-04-09

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