Emergency response - Violence in southern Kyrgyzstan. After the violence, shattered lives (6 month update)

On June 10, 2010, violent clashes between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks erupted in southern Kyrgyzstan, lasting five days, and leading to major population displacements both in and outside the country. The fighting has driven an estimated 400,000 people from their homes. Some 100,000 of them — primarily children, women and the elderly — are now refugees in neighbouring Uzbekistan, with more families slowly crossing the border every day. Children witnessed and experienced terrible violence, insecurity and the loss of family, friends and their homes. They are now in need of protective services, psychosocial counselling and assistance to address their needs and deal with their losses. Save the Children has set in motion relief efforts including a food aid programme that has reached around 200,000 people, safe play areas for children, and support to the reconstruction of standard family homes.

Published 2011-02-22