Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan for the Cox's Bazar Education Sector

The influx of over 650,000 Rohingya since September 2017, coupled with extreme hazards in monsoon season and overcrowding, has created many challenges for the Education Sector responding to the crisis in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Educational activities have grown difficult to implement due to the complex challenges of physical space, protection concerns, and a changing environment with continuous relocation. Noting the difficulties in regular programming activities as well as the pending hazards created by monsoon and cyclone season in the camp, the Education Sector has put together a basic Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan. The purpose of the plan is to address issues of preparedness ahead of monsoon season and quickly respond to the needs of the population. This plan will be practical and based on a set of overarching objectives established by the Sector. It will be a key tool of the Sector and partners to take practical action at organisational and Sectoral level, while also providing strategies to respond to emergencies at Teaching Learning Centres and other learning spaces. 

Published 2018-04-23