Eliminating hazardous child labour and occupational safety, health and environmental risks: A manual for agents of change in cocoa communities in Ghana

This Manual was produced by the ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (ILO-IPEC) in collaboration with the General Agricultural Workers' Union (GAWU of GTUC) to serve as an essential training tool for workers in the rural communities, especially farmers, to promote and ensure safety at the work place. It is one of IPEC's strategies in working with workers' representatives and employers' organizations to help ensure that work is safe for all.

Cocoa farming in Ghana is a source of livelihood for over 800,000 families on smallholder farms. Farmers often resort to family labour, including the use of children in order to reduce costs. One facet of eliminating child labour is to increase productivity on smallholder farms. This is best achieved through promoting practices for good, safe work and healthy workers.

Published 2015-02-19

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