Efecto de las remeseas del exterior sobre el bienestar de los adolescentes en el Perú: Análisis de la educación y el trabajo infantil (2005- 2006)

A study on the impact of foreign remittances on adolescent wellbeing in Peru, prepared by Ingrid Rojas and Rossemary Yurivilca. According to this report, a total of 1,940, 817 Peruvians emigrated between 1990 and 2007. In the same context, the Central Bank of Peru announced that in 2007 alone, remittances amounted to approximately USD 2,495 million, which represents an increase of 14% with respect to the previous year. In view of the growing flow of cash remittances to Peru, the aim is to analyse the effects of remittances and emigration on children and youth in Peru.  The main objective of this study is to establish a relationship between remittances received from abroad and human capital investments. It seeks to explore the effect between remittances, education achievement and child labour in Peru during the period 2005-2006. The study primarily addresses two issues: (i) whether foreign remittances have a significant and positive impact on school enrolment rates and the attendance of adolescents in state and non-state schools;  and (ii)  whether remittances from abroad have a significant and negative impact on child labour in Peru.

Published 2014-02-26