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Education in Emergencies: A tool kit for starting and managing education in emergencies

This document offers a toolkit on education in emergencies. The first section attempts to clarify what is meant by education in emergencies. It goes on to explore which children are typically affected by an emergency and how their education opportunities may have changed. The second section outlines a process, in the form of key questions, that can be used for putting together an education initiative. Next comes a discussion on how education principles are still valid in times of emergencies, but will need to be applied differently. Possible approaches are then shared in the form of short case studies. Finally, strategies are suggested to address common challenges. The third section provides ten sets of tools. Topics covered are: emergency preparedness;assessment; staffing; supplies; safe spaces; teacher training; learning content; psychosocial support; school committees; monitoring and evaluation. This toolkit is primarily aimed at field staff responsible for setting up and managing education projects during a crisis. It may also be useful for those leading the overall emergency response, or those writing proposals, planning training or conducting evaluations.

Published 2011-02-03

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