Economic Strengthening for Child Protection & Education in Emergencies: Compendium of evidence & guidance

In October 2013, the Global Education Cluster and Child Protection Working Group held a joint annual meeting recognising that improved coordination and collaboration between the two sectors can significantly increase the impact of their work. One of the issues raised at the meeting was that cluster members felt there was little knowledge on the impact of economic strengthening (ES) programmes on child protection and education and how members could best engage with economic strengthening interventions, which are becoming increasingly part of humanitarian action.

The aim of this compendium is to provide education and child protection coordinators and partners working in the field who are involved in or confronted with ES programmes with key existing evidence and guidance documents in order to inform their work, at all stages of a programme cycle. Consulting the various documents included in this compendium should also enable partners to recognise associated risks and to consider the most appropriate response to a population’s needs.

Published 2016-04-20

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