Disinherited: Childhood inequality, equal opportunities and public policy

"Disinherited" begins by describing the current inequality affecting children living in Spain and its relation to the possibility of social mobility according to the income and social and cultural capital that children inherit from their parents. The report then examines child inequality in five areas (employment, social protection, housing, education and health) and the main structural or political challenges that prevent it from being limited in each.

The report concludes with concrete and feasible recommendations that would make a difference to child inequality. All the data provided comes from official sources - mainly from the main registers and surveys of the INE and Eurostat - or from a process of participatory research that we organize with children who are at risk of exclusion. Save the Children believes that child participation and the empowerment of children are paramount to the fight against poverty and that is why the whole document is accompanied by photographs, quotes and reflections of children that Save the Children has consulted about how their experiences of poverty and their calls to policy makers to build a more egalitarian society.

Published 2017-03-29