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Disciplining children with kindness. A Shiite Shari'a perspective

UNICEF is assisting countries all over the world to prevent violence against children and has worked with the government of Iran since 2005 in addressing child abuse. Cooperation includes technical assistance in legal reform, training of health workers on early detection of child abuse, establishing hotlines for children suffering from violence as well as public information and research on the issue. There is large space for practical partnership between UNICEF and religious leaders in the field of children's rights. For example, in Iran this partnership focuses on four areas:

  1. Basic research on child rights and Islam;
  2. Promotion of child rights awareness in society;
  3. Advocacy for highest legal standards in child rights among judiciary and parliament; and
  4. Advancement of child-friendly behaviour in society.

The aim of this booklet - which also includes research findings and reflections on child psychology and child pedagogy - is to promote child friendly behaviour in society.

Published 2011-07-22