De-institutionalising and transforming children's services. A Guide to Good Practice

This manual offers a comprehensive approach for transforming children's services towards family-based care and away from institutional care. It is based on current best practices in de-institutionalising children from residential care, identified from the experience of childcare professionals across the European region. The manual contains chapters on gathering support for deinstitutionalization, assessing needs, designing alternative care, transferring resources, and preparing children and staff. The purpose of this document is to assist policy makers, practitioners and other concerned individuals to transform systems of institutional care into those based on family and community support. The guide includes recommendations for community services aimed at children and their families to prevent breakdown and to support families in need or those who care for children with special needs, such as professional foster carers.
This manual is the product of a joint effort between the European Commission DAPHNE Program, WHO Regional Office for Europe and The University of Birmingham, UK.

Published 2012-05-07

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