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Cox's Bazar Education Sector: COVID 19 Response Strategy, 2020 - Reaching Every Learner

The Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner in Cox’s Bazar made a statement on March 24th 2020, defining the essential and critical activities in all 34 camps for COVID-19. Education was defined as a non-essential activity in the statement, resulting in closure of learning facilities and severely restricted access for UN and NGO staff. The closure of learning facilities led to disrupted learning for over 325,000 children. The consequences of the closure of learning facilities also includes difficulties to provide clear communication messages and to give psychosocial support. The lack of internet in the camps leads to technology-based solutions not being viable.

The isolation that comes with the closure of community-based learning opportunities increases the vulnerability of gender-based violence for girls and child labor for boys. The cost of isolation in COVID-19 must be considered in relation to the wellbeing of children.

Published 2020-11-03

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