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Consultation Package and Facilitator’s Guide - Child and Adolescent Participation: Reviewing the draft General Comment on State Obligations regarding Children’s Rights and the Business Sector

Recently, children in Asia, Africa and Latin America were invited to review and share their feedback on the draft version of the Committee on the Rights of the Child’s General Comment on Child Rights and Business Sector. As part of the process, Save the Children produced a Guide containing information and ideas for consulting with children and young people and collecting their view on the General Comment. This Guide provides information on how to get started and prepare for and organize the consultations. The guidelines can be adapted to suit the particular needs, preferences and existing knowledge of the participants with respect to children's rights in the context of business activities. The Guide provides information on the following: Before the consultation: - Child protection considerations - Needed resources - Sending out an invitation During the consultation: - Group Welcome, introductions and icebreakers - Children’s Rights and the CRC - Committee on the Rights of the Child - General Comments - What is Business? - General Comment about Business - Group Discussion

Published 2012-10-17

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