Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) Policy Case Study: Scaling up CSS assessment in Laos and Indonesia

Due to government lacking a way to assess CSS policy interventions and efficiently identify high risk schools and apply appropriate interventions, Laos and Indonesia used the CSS Assessment Suite (three digital tools that assist governments to monitor, evaluate, and intervene for school safety). This allowed efficient gathering and managing of school-level information on hazard exposure, facilities, school disaster management, and related education, as well as identifying which schools needed interventions and estimating the costs for retrofitting and replacement. This case study is part of a series of case studies documenting how countries have been developing and implementing Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) policies that address the three CSS pillars: safer learning facilities (pillar 1), school disaster management (pillar 2), and risk reduction and resilience education (pillar 3).

Published 2018-09-20

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