Clinical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors: Facilitator's guide

This facilitator’s guide is intended for use with the accompanying interactive DVD to provide a complete training program on the clinical care for sexual assault survivors as outlined in IRC’s Clinical Care for Sexual Assault Survivors: A prototype protocol for IRC health programs. Chapter 1 provides general information for users, such as technical requirements, an overview of the DVD, time requirements, instructional options and user tips. Chapter 2 presents information on preparing for and presenting the training including detailed descriptions of the exercises, presentation materials and equipment, logistical needs, and suggestions for how to introduce the participants to the training and each other. Chapter 3 contains content notes which take the facilitator through the training, elaborating on issues or questions that may arise and suggesting content for discussion. Facilitators should use these notes to follow along with the DVD. They provide cues for exercises, discussions, breaks, etc. Chapter 4 presents tools for assessing the participants’ learning and their experience of the training. The pre/post test and training evaluation are included here. Handouts and a glossary can be found at the end of this guide.  

Published 2019-04-23