Climate Extreme: How young people can respond to disasters in a changing world

Is climate change causing more disasters? Why are some people affected by disasters more than others? And what can we do to reduce the impact of disasters? 'Climate Extreme: how young people can respond to disasters in a changing world', is a youth-friendly summary of a publication called the' Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX)' – a big title and a huge topic! Basically the SREX looks at how climate change affects disasters, how people are being impacted now and will be in the future and how we can support people to become more resilient. Climate Extreme describes how young people around the world are contributing and asks what else can be done to adapt to the risk of climate change related disasters. This child-friendly SREX report, produced by Plan Australia, is a collaborative effort of the Children in a Changing Climate coalition, of which Plan International is a member along with UNICEF, World Vision and Save the Children.

Published 2012-05-03

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