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Children's Voices, Children's Rights: One year after the Nepal Earthquake

Over one million children are estimated to have been affected by the earthquakes in Nepal on 25 April and 12 May 2015, which resulted in massive destruction and the death of around 8,959 people. Children, who represent 40 percent of the population, suffered severe trauma and loss in connection with this disaster.

This report is jointly produced by Save the Children, Plan International, Terre des Hommes, UNICEF, and World Vision International to follow up on the progress made in addressing the concerns and recommendations from the preceding report, After the Earthquake: Nepal's Children Speak Out. It is based on consultations with 680 children in five of the most severely affected 14 districts, and interviews with 36 officials at central and district levels.  It also highlights the ongoing and/or new challenges that children are facing, as well as their priorities for the recovery.

Published 2017-11-27

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