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Children's Rights in Sustainability Reporting: A guide for incorporating children's rights into GRI-based reporting

‘Children’s Rights in Sustainability Reporting’ is a practical tool to help companies with reporting and communicating on how they are respecting and supporting children’s rights. Companies can support children's rights through their policies, processes and operations in the workplace, marketplace and community.  Each of the ten Children's Rights and Business Principles is explained and discussed.

This tool is meant to be used in conjunction with other UNICEF tools for corporate social responsibility (CSR). The companion tools, ‘Children’s Rights in Impact Assessments' and ‘Children’s Rights in Policies and Codes of Conduct’, provide companies with guidance on how to incorporate children’s rights into a social or human rights impact assessment framework, as outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 

Published 2014-08-21

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