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Children’s Rights in the Garment and Footwear Supply Chain: A practical tool for integrating children’s rights into responsible sourcing frameworks

The garment and footwear industry has the potential to contribute to social and economic development. However, decent work deficits, poor living conditions and discrimination undermine the industry's contribution to positive social impact. Children are particularly vulnerable in the garment and footwear supply chain, as child labor and exploitative conditions are common. Estimates show that over 100 million children are affected in the garment and footwear supply chain globally, as workers, children of working parents, and community members near farms and factories.

This guidance tool is designed to support companies in the garment and footwear sector to integrate child rights into their responsible sourcing programmes. It provides an overview of practical steps that companies can take to improve their impact on children by integrating child rights into existing policy and practice.

Published 2020-06-12

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