Children's Charter Progress Report: Disaster Risk Reduction and Typhoon Yolanda

Child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) policies and practices are critical to the wellbeing of children in the Philippines – where children are among the most vulnerable to natural disasters.

For this report, Save the Children interviewed children, government officials and civil society leaders in two regions affected by Typhoon Yolanda to better understand how current DRRM laws were addressing the needs of children before the storm – and how they are performing afterwards.

The research indicates that while there are isolated successes in individual agencies and localities, the disparate pieces of the national DRRM system fail to come together to create a strong, holistic safety net for children affected by or vulnerable to natural disaster.

A Progress Card accompanies the report; it the criteria which were used to measure the DRRM system and how the different regions measured.

Published 2014-10-15

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