Children speak out - speech during the Day of General Discussion by 14 year old Mariko Fatoumata from Mali

A speech delivered by 14-year old Mariko Fatoumata from Mali during the 2012 Day of General Discussion on the challenges faced by children in international migration situations. Mariko, a National Delegate of the Association of Children and Young Workers of Mali, said that children sometimes have no choice and are forced to leave their villages in search of a better future. She further said that the mobility of children was not a bad thing if it was in the best interest of the child but could not always be the solution to children's problems. To prevent children from migrating from their homes and communities, they should be ensured effective access to education and healthcare services and support to participate in leisure activities. Listening to the voices of children and young people is important and local, national and international authorities should do everything possible to improve children's daily living conditions in their home communities.

Published 2012-10-04

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