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Children in Danger: Act to End Violence Against Children

This publication is a call-to-action to all governments in the world to halt the epidemic of violence that is often hidden or ignored and that threatens the rights of children to a healthy and fulfilling life.

The first section focuses on ‘making the invisible visible’ by presenting information, statistics, and infographics on where children face violence, different types of violence, and the effect this can have on a child’s development and psychosocial wellbeing. The second section presents UNICEF’s six strategies to ending violence against children:

  1. Support parents, caregivers, and families
  2. Help children manage the risks they face
  3. Change attitudes and social norms that encourage violence and discrimination
  4. Promote and provide support services for children
  5. Implement laws and policies that protect children
  6. Carry out data collection and research

The final section looks towards the future. Called ‘seizing the opportunity’, the last chapter pinpoints specific actions that need to be taken by governments, communities, and families to help halt the continuation of violence against children. 

Published 2014-11-05

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