Children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups: E-learning module

This training will introduce you to the complex tasks involved in responding as comprehensively as possible to the phenomenon of “children associated with armed forces or groups”, who are often referred to as “child soldiers”. It is broken into three sections:

• Part 1: Background to children recruited or used by armed forces or groups
• Part 2: Intervention Planning:  Co-ordination, Assessment, Principles
• Part 3: Advocacy, Demobilisation, Interim Care, Reintegration

The core resources for this module are the Interagency Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Working Groups (IDDRWG) documents:

• Children and DDR
• Youth and DDR
• Women, Gender and DDR

These documents provide interagency guidance on planning and implementing programmes for the formal demobilization of children recruited or used by armed forces or groups, and their reintegration.

Published 2018-07-27