Children Access to Education in the Gaza Strip

Access to quality education in Gaza is continually denied due to the continuing Israeli imposed
siege on Gaza and regular military attacks and incursions from the Israeli Occupying Forces (IFO), as well as attacks from Palestinian armed groups. Damaged school buildings (often due to military attack) cannot be repaired, meaning children are taught in unsafe and unsuitable surroundings. Overcrowding is also a serious problem because new schools cannot be built. In order to accommodate the large number of students, many school buildings operate on a double shift in order to accommodate more students. This report describes in detail the nature of the armed attacks on schools and the siege and the effects they have on children’s education and future. The continuity of children’s education is of high importance in any conflict; schooling maintains stability for children and can help children cope with potential trauma that comes from modern armed conflict. This report is published as part of the 'Child Rights at the Centre: Enhancing National Capacities to Monitor, Document, and Report on Child Rights Issues in the oPt' project, funded by Save the Children UK.

Published 2012-03-15

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