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Childbirth in Uganda: Stories from women and health workers

Every day, 15 women die in Uganda from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes, 94 babies are stillborn and 81 newborn babies die.

Many of these deaths are from causes that are largely preventable, with mothers’ deaths caused by four major factors – hemorrhage/bleeding, hypertension, unsafe abortions, and sepsis. Babies die mainly due to complications of prematurity, complications at birth and neonatal infections.

This booklet contains 10 stories told by mothers and health care workers who have first-hand exposure to the devastating consequences of maternal and infant mortality. Their voices are highlighted in this brief to keep the Government of Uganda, donors, and other involved parties, accountable to the commitments they have made to mother and infant health through the Sustainable Development Goals and the Every Newborn Action Plan.

Published 2018-03-26

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