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Child Rights Governance: At the core of Sustainable Development

Are you a donor, a resource mobilization, business development or a communications colleague or manager and wonder what Save the Children means with “Child Rights Governance” (CRG)? This is the document for you!

This brief provides an overview of the aims of  “Child rights Governance” as a working area, how it lays down the foundation for States and public authorities to help them deliver on their commitments to children’s rights  and contribute to sustainable development programming. It also mentions the CRG essential components and how CRG is implemented on the ground, referring to sub-areas of CRG with examples of activities that can be found in programs or project proposals.

CHILDREN do not  live in organizational or thematic sectors. If we do not include CRG across our programming, we cannot ensure the sustainability of any of our programs in Education, Health and Nutrition, Child Poverty or Child Protection

Child Rights Governance Enables ALL rights for ALL children in ALL contexts!

Published 2020-10-20