Child Rights Governance Analysis Tool

In 2010 Save the Children International created a sixth sector of work (alongside child survival, education, child protection, emergencies, and HIV and AIDS), called Child Rights Governance (CRG). In order for Save the Children International to have strategic and effective CRG programmes which improve the situation of children in emergencies as well as in development contexts, all programme plans must be based on an analysis of CRG issues in the country. This module of the CRG programming toolkit aims to provide a framework, tools and question sets that can assist you in developing a sectoral CRG analysis. We hope that you are reading this document because (1) you have completed a generic Child Rights Situational Analysis (CRSA) (using the “How to” Note: Incorporating Child Rights Governance into your generic Child Rights Situation Analysis), and (2) on that basis are interested in exploring Child Rights Governance issues in more detail with a view to programming in that area. This publication is also available in Spanish and French through the link provided under "Related documents".

Published 2012-06-04