Child Protection. A handbook for Parliamentarians No. 7

Adopting and enforcing strong laws protecting children, overseeing government activity, allocating financial resources, raising awareness and providing advocacy are what parliamentarians can do to help alleviate children's suffering. This IPU/UNICEF co-publication, launched at the IPU’s 110th International Assembly in April 2004 serves as a catalyst for action, providing examples of parliamentarians’ responses to the challenges of child protection. It addresses10 specific protection issues: birth registration and the right to identity; protection of children in armed conflict; sexual exploitation of children; trafficking and sale of children; harmful traditional practices; violence and neglect; alternative care; juvenile justice; child labor; and the rights of child victims. The handbook also describes how Parliaments and their members can gain a clearer understanding of what their contribution can be, and equips them with the knowledge and tools they require to make that contribution.

Published 2011-07-21