Child Poverty: What drives it and what it means to children across the world

This new, flagship report looks at the situation of children living in poverty in countries around the world, shining a light on the drivers of child poverty and exploring why it persists, even in some of the wealthiest places. We also hear from children in poverty themselves: our best guides to understanding the urgency of this challenge.

This report is part of a concerted effort by Save the Children, together with partners in the Global Coalition to End Child Poverty, to ensure that the poorest children across the world receive the attention that they deserve. While there are great differences between societies, it is clear that fundamental similarities exist in the drivers and experiences of child poverty. The same is true of the essential solutions.

Among the many resources accompanying the report, there is a webinar recording of Charlotte Harland Scott presenting and discussing the report and its findings.

Published 2016-01-19

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