Child Labour within the Syrian Refugee Response: A regional strategic framework for action

Child labour is a grave violation of children’s rights experienced by many children, including Syrian refugees and those from host communities, in the neighbouring countries covered under the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP): Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Although many efforts to address child labour have been undertaken by governments, UN agencies, and both local and international NGOs working in the crisis, more is required to substantially reduce the worst forms of child labour.

This document proposes a regional Strategic Framework to guide the development of policies and programmes that can contribute to preventing child labour, mitigating the risks they face and addressing their immediate needs while working towards the elimination of child labour, particularly in its worst forms. Action in the refugee response is the primary focus of the Strategic Framework, but it does also consider other challenges of child labour inside Syria. 

Published 2019-10-31