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Child-Centred Risk Reduction Impacts on Household Safety: A Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit, Consultation edition

This toolkit was developed to collect consistent and measured examples that demonstrate how CCRR education programs can influence household risk reduction and resilience, and whether programmes are also impacting school-based risk reduction and resilience. The tools support information-gathering to show us what types of interventions are most effective in both empowering children and sustaining and encouraging parent/guardian involvement. Detailed information on current research is available in a Research-into-Practice Brief, which is suggested reading before using this toolkit. This toolkit is designed as a monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEAL) tool to allow current projects to collect information that can be used to add additional value to project objectives. It can also be adapted and used as the base of a stand-alone research project. Because of the demand for this information from both researchers and practitioners, findings can be widely shared to raise awareness of successes and lessons learned, and therefore increase the effectiveness of CCRR projects, as well as household level resilience.







Published 2018-10-04

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