Child-centred Risk Reduction and School Safety Research Framework and Roadmap Webinar

On behalf of the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in the Education Sector (GADRRRES), Save the Children is proud to present this webinar, as part of a webinar series on urban Child-Centred Risk Reduction (CCRR) and School Safety research, sponsored by the C&A Foundation and C&A. This webinar covers a project designed for Child-Centred Risk Reduction and school safety work to promote increased practice-research collaborations, and help move beyond a project mentality and “experience-based” approach to work that is increasingly programmatic, long-term, and evidence-based. Listen in to learn about the role of evidence-based practice (programmes designed and implemented using evidence) and practice-based evidence (programmes that include research components to generate evidence). You’ll also discover a conversation about practitioner and researcher networks and survey findings on perceived gaps and priorities in work, as well as recommendations and ways forward using collective impact theory and a practice-research strategic roadmap.

Published 2018-10-04