Che Genere di Tecnologie? Ragazze e Digitale tra Opportunità e Rischi

The "Gender of Technologies" survey explores the theme of the relationship between girls and digital technologies, identifying - through the analysis of data related to access and online behavior - the opportunities and risks connected to the use of the network by girls, trying to focus on the role that technologies can play in strengthening or not gender stereotypes and investigating the phenomenon of peer violence and gender-based violence in online relationships.

The survey aims to investigate the obstacles and risks that could slow down girls' empowerment processes and was conducted using a quantitative and qualitative approach: the quantitative analysis is based on statistical data at international and national level - including data processed for this survey in a new way by ISTAT (2017) on access, frequency and use of new technologies by girls and IPSOS data (2017) on the exposure to risk of girls and boys in the use of digital technologies; the qualitative survey involved 27 girls and 13 boys aged between 12 and 14, through nine focus groups.

Published 2019-10-29