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Central American Guide for Municipal Public Policymaking for Children and Adolescents

Municipalities are at the frontline of development. They can play a crucial role in ensuring children and youth fully exercise their rights and contribute to the promotion, defense and fulfilment of the rights of the child within the municipal context. The Central American Guide to Municipal Public Policymaking for Children and Adolescents is a tool that serves as a guide to municipal management and investment in favour of compliance with children’s and adolescents’ rights in the Central American municipalities.  

Significant progress has been made in all of the Central American countries in terms of improving legal and institutional frameworks for compliance with children’s and adolescents’ rights. Simultaneously, positive experiences have been identified as concerns the promotion of specific rights. Nonetheless, wide gaps and many instances of non-compliance are still detected in the region as a whole. In their efforts to move forward, a growing number of municipalities are becoming aware of the changes that need to be made and of the significant role played in this respect by municipal governments, together with public institutions, civil society organisations, and the children and adolescents themselves.

As a guide it must be used creatively, taking into account the specific municipal contexts. It aims to be a useful source of reference in processes involving the drafting or enhancement of the municipal public policies for  children and adolescents. The ultimate end is to contribute to promote compliance with child and adolescent rights in the Central American municipalities.


Published 2014-02-17

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