Case Study. Protecting children in Zimbabwe against the impact of HIV/AIDS

Zimbabwe is facing one of the worst HIV epidemics in the world. More and more children are becoming orphaned and child mortality levels are on the rise. Save the Children's HIV and AIDS Mitigation Project started in 2002 in partnership with Mberengwa Rural District Council to ensure children's right to protection against the impacts of HIV and AIDS. This project seeks to provide support to vulnerable children, enable social services to directly assist vulnerable chldren, build the community's capacity to support the children without adequate care and enhance child protection in community activities. This case study tells the story of Nyasha who lost both her parents to AIDS and was left exposed to the already harsh realities of life in Zimbabwe. She is now able to attend school together with her sister, while her elder brother is doing small jobs. The community supports the children with contributions and in taking care of Nyasha's younger brother when she attends school.

Published 2011-07-08

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