Case study. Child Rights Governance Initiative.Taking forward incorporation of the CRC into domestic law - The Rights of Children and Young Persons (Wales) Measure

This Save the Children Case Study relates to The Rights of Children and Young Persons (Wales) Measure approved by Her Majesty in Council, which has now become a part of Welsh law. The Measure contains a number of provisions that will strengthen and build on the existing rights based approach of the Welsh Assembly Government towards policy for children and young people, and also strengthen children and young people’s position in Welsh society. Together with the Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group, Save the Children successfully lobbied for a legal duty to be imposed on Welsh Ministers to have due regard to the rights and obligations in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and its Optional Protocols in exercising any of their functions. This ground breaking legislation is unique within the UK and goes a long way to incorporate the UNCRC within the limits of devolved powers in Wales.

Published 2012-01-27

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