Case Management Supervision and Coaching Package Chapter 2: Supervision practices and tools

These materials make up Chapter 2: Supervision Practices and Tools of the Case Management Supervision and Coaching Package. The Case Management Task Force (CMTF) of the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action created the Case Management Supervision and Coaching Training Package to increase case management supervisors’ confidence, capacity and support to caseworkers to provide safe, ethical and competent case management services to vulnerable children and their families. This training package is the result of two years of work led by the International Rescue Committee on behalf of the CMTF. The package was developed through researching and consolidating good practices globally. The curriculum and materials were developed through a lengthy and iterative process with feedback provided by members of the CMTF as well as pilots in Northern Syria/cross-border Turkey, Nigeria and Myanmar. In 2017, Trainings of Trainers were convened to disseminate the content to humanitarian responses in eight countries.

The remainder of the training materials (available in English, French, and Arabic) can be accessed here:

1. Defining Supervision and Coaching

2. Supervision Practices and Tools

3. Supervision and Coaching Skills

4. Staff Care and Wellbeing

5. Closing the CM Supervision Training

6. Training Admin

A set of seven videos provides an overview of the initiative, a review of Case Management Supervision and Coaching, and case studies to help participants apply what they have learned. 


Published 2018-07-24

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