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Case Management Practical Guide: A set of methodological guidelines for the Regional Social Assistance Structures

This guide is designed for social workers employed in the social services addressed to families and children. The guide contains a standard version of the case management methodology that is unified and basic for all social services used by all social workers involved in the provision of social assistance services. In this version, the case management methodology focuses on family strengthening and the development of family’s competences, with the ultimate aim of achieving every child’s well-being.  

This version of the case management methodology does not intend to formulate new tasks for social workers; on the contrary, it provides specific and useful information and guidelines for a more qualitative fulfillment of professional duties. At the same time, the practical information found in this guide represents a resource for a more efficient support that the specialists can provide together to children and their families. The guide contains two parts: the first describes the general concept of case management methodology, as a key methodology of social work, while the second part presents a description of the use of standard methodology at all stages of case management. 

Published 2019-01-22