Bullying Among Children: National sociological study

For more than 15 years, Save the Children has bene systematically concerned with the phenomenon of child violence, which plays a fundamental role within civil society in developing policies that regulate all forms of violence against children, in all life contexts.

The national studies carried out by Save the Children in the last decade, on adult violent behaviours against children, irrespective of their nature, have shown concerning levels of violence used in adult-child relationships, in all contexts: home, school, protection institutions, and the community.

This investigation becomes even more important, as, by showing us the size and the characteristic of the bullying phenomenon in the Romanian education, it gives us access to the most important data in order to develop strategies and intervention and prevention programmes, which allow, once more, the protection of children against any form of violence and guarantee safety in schools and within the community for our children.

Published 2016-06-27

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