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Building Your Child Helpline : A user-friendly guide to starting or scaling-up a child helpline

This publication by Child Helpline International (CHI) offers support and advice on how to improve or initiate a child helpline, using a model most suitable to local circumstances. It gives opportunity to draw from experiences of already existing helplines. Case studies are presented to illustrate the variety of possible solutions.

This compilation has been divided into four chapters. The first chapter briefly explains what a child helpline is, draws attention to the key elements of a child helpline and attempts to answer some of the questions you may have regarding particular activities of a child helpline and about getting started and scaling-up. The second chapter outlines the operations of a child helpline. The third chapter provides an overview of the structure of a child helpline and the implications this has. The fourth chapter outlines the suggested processes and steps to help you get prepared to launch or scale-up a child helpline in your country. The annexes at the end of the manual contain draft material from several child helplines.

Published 2014-01-20