Buenas prácticas en la aplicación de los Derechos del Niño y Principios Empresariales: Sistematización de experiencias en América Latina

Children and adolescents play a fundamental role in the creation of our society and each must have the opportunity to live in a country brimming with opportunities. The capacity with which companies can positively or negatively influence children and adolescents makes their involvement indispensable. They must guarantee the construction of a healthy and positive environment, based on respect for human rights, environmental sustainability, inclusion and prosperity.

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles of 2012 serve as a guiding instrument for companies on how to prevent and mitigate negative impact of operations, promote the rights of children, and implement improvements in their risk management systems.

In Latin America, members and partners of Save the Children have formed alliances with the State and/or with private companies to develop successful programs or projects related to implementation of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles. These alliances have generated changes in business management models to mitigate risks associated with violations of children's rights (as evidenced by the experience of Save the Children in Mexico and Global Childhood in Paraguay); and in other cases they have resulted in formation of a National Strategy for Business and Children's Rights (evidenced in the Colombian experience).

The examples presented in this report are characterized as having the potential to be replicable and to influence other organizations in the region to mobilize private enterprise in favor of the rights of the child.

Published 2019-01-28