A brief review of the social and economic returns to investing in children

UNICEF's brief review of the social and economic returns to investing in children. The principle of investing in children rarely evokes controversy. However we look at it, to invest in a child is to invest in our common future. The world of tomorrow will inherit the children of today. There are several compelling reasons to invest in children: It is fundamental to ensuring the realization of their rights; infancy and early childhood provide a unique window of opportunity for positive change; the benefits far outweigh the costs; investing in children can help promote equitable, inclusive societies, allowing more people to effectively participate in their economic development. If governments are serious about reducing poverty, achieving greater equity and social stability, and increasing economic growth, investing in children is imperative. Redoubling our efforts for child survival and development, particularly for the most disadvantaged children, will be essential to regain any lost ground as a result of the recent global economic crisis, and build a foundation for more sustainable and equitable development in the future.

Published 2012-09-04

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