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Breaking the Cycle of Exclusion: Roma children in Southeast europe

UNICEF's report 'Breaking the cycle of exclusion' addresses the key issues involving social exclusion of Roma children in eight South eastern European countries.  It highlights the severity and the causes of exclusion of children and identifies the most critical  issues that, if addressed properly, can  break the intergenerational cycle of  poverty and exclusion and create a  new cycle of development, opportunity and inclusion.  The report argues that children are the key to breaking this intergenerational cycle of exclusion and that society, governments and service providers must act now to guarantee that all children are able to enjoy their rights. Exclusion deprives children of their childhood and hinders them from  fully developing their capacities to  contribute in a substantial way to the  economic and social development of their country. The report calls for immediate action on social exclusion of children in middle income countries.

Published 2013-05-16

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