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Boostons la Lecture et Boostons les Mathématiques Manuel

Literacy Boost is an innovative, evidence-based approach to improving literacy learning outcomes, and is increasing the reading skills of underperforming children in a growing number of program sites across the globe. The toolkit is a useful resource to assist country offices in the design and implementation of effective reading-focused basic education programs targeting pre-school and primary school-age children. This document will provide you with a detailed introduction to the three essential components of the Literacy Boost program:

  1. Reading Assessment - to identify gaps and measure improvements in the five core reading skills;
  2. Teacher training - to teach national curriculum with an emphasis on core reading skills; and
  3. Community action - mobilizing communities to support children’s reading

This French version explains the implementation of community- and school-based Literacy Boost and Numeracy Boost activities. It has been developed and contextualized for Côte d'Ivoire.

Published 2019-02-05

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