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Beyond Detention: A global strategy to support governments to end the detention of asylum-seekers and refugees

Produced by the UNHCR, this strategy puts for a global vision to: “end the detention of children; ensure that alternatives to detention are available in law and implemented in practice; ensure that conditions of detention, where detention is necessary and unavoidable, meet international standards by securing access to places of immigration detention for UNHCR and/or its partners and carrying out regular monitoring.

The strategy works towards addressing some of the main challenges and concerns around governmental detention policies and practices. This includes a lack of information about alternatives to detention, misconceptions around the effectiveness and role of detention and, among others, the limited accessibility of detention centers to UNHCR and its partners to be able to monitor these institutions. In order to achieve these goals, UNHCR calls on UNHCR offices together with partners to develop and implement Plans of Action at country and/or regional level. 

Published 2017-07-07

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