Best Practices for Inclusive Education for Children with Special Education Needs in Albania

Albania has made remarkable progress regarding legislation and policies for Inclusive Education and is developing positive practices in cooperation with non-government parties. The primary and secondary legislation is being implemented, and an infrastructure of laws implementation is still being worked out. The Law on Pre-University Education approved in 2012, the Normative Provisions of 2013 and the Strategy of Pre- University Education 2014-2020 compose the policy framework of Inclusive Education. The law on Accessibility and Inclusion of PwD and National Disability and Action Plan 2015-2020 add to the Inclusive Education policy and reinforce the government commitment to achieving Inclusive Education in mainstream education. However, policies and law implementation is questionable and requires an in-depth analysis. According to recent data, 30% of children with disabilities of 6-18 years old are out of school.

The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the best practices in Inclusive Education, aiming to inform stakeholders on the current status of Inclusive Education in Albania, explore the contextual factors which affect implementation of inclusive practices, and provide recommendations for practical steps for improving Inclusive Education programmes in the country. Inclusive Education is not a short time programme; it is a process and takes time to be implemented. Inclusive Education is the best alternative for all children, whilst for children with disabilities and learning difficulties it is a necessity. Currently, Save the Children is investing in policy and legislation implementation by supporting inclusive practices. 

Published 2017-10-31

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